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life in the name of freedom. >> and what is wrong with this picture? a local group bridging the racial divide in the great outdoors. >> and this breaking news is happening in los angeles. a wildfire in an area near the hollywood hills this, blaze has burned 10 acres near interstate 405. more than 100 firefighters are on the lines as you can see here, battling flames. and heat is intense, temperatures there surpassing 100 degrees. >> officials say they're lucky winds are relatively mild. you can see a water drop taking place there. there is a mild winds and you can see this is a difficult task on a hillside. there is a lot of traffic impacted nearby. there is a chance the fire could still threaten homes in the bell air area going back to live pictures now.
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the getty center has been evacuated and as have several synagogues. we've been keeping track since our 4:00 news. good evening, everybody i'm larry beil. >> and there is federal agents monitoring occupy pro testors turned out to be true. fbi released some records of surveillance so far from all of them. there is where we are live with more on this for us. >> this coming monday, basically marks a one-year anniversary of the first occupy encampment in new york city. and the occupy oakland group turned into one of the most-active in the country. aclu says they received documents confirming lots of people expected the federal government has been keeping an
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eye on occupy. >> newly lace laid sod being tended to. since demonstrators were evicted. a group of artists filling in a illustration commemorating one-year anniversary of the occupy movement. since it began, aclu has been concerned with how the fbi monitored occupy. >> there is an initial set of documents and gave us a whopping 13 page autos according to the page that's were released, fbi mostly concerned with mass demonstrations targeting port of oakland and oakland international airport. >> this is understandable law enforcement wants to be aware of planned civil disobedience. >> fbi not releasing 24 other pages about monitoring occupy oakland and sites national
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security reasons. >> we're curious about the information that the fbi withheld and are troubled by justification it's a national security issue. >> fbi did not comment and it issued a brief statement reading in part fbi abides by district guidelines set forth by the u.s. attorney. a spokesperson referred me to a field gifd spelling out efforts aimed at any effort aimed at shutting town a shipping port or airport. one member tell meez she's not surprised to heart group has been monitored by federal agents. >> there is always government surveillance of movements. and that is what is going on. there is a constant repression of people trying to push back against the status quo, against the way things are. >> and according to the document the fbi would apparently not engage with the group, and would dispatch information to local police
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agencies and also, to security details at the port of oakland. and also, oakland international airport. live in downtown oakland, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> and later tonight michael finney will look into how the fbi can force a company to turn over their records on you. >> and there is a celebration going on in oakland now that is in a neighborhood south of lake merit. those living there have been battling prostitution for years. and tonight word of a new plan to tut putt jobs on notice. wayne? >> there is sometimes to make a point you need a show of force there is over interest there a group of local people, business owners and residents that are surrounding local dignitaries and this is a scene that hasn't happened
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here a long time and there is a now they seem to be gaining ground. >> there is this only residents in oakland there. is a not so friendly dog with a bark and apparent willingness to bite. >> with this closure it's going to lower prostitution in our area and hopefully, we won't be seeing them as much. >> there is malgin having a daughter in 4th grade having to explain prostitution to her. >> we know they're victim autos two decades international boulevard has become synonymous with the oldest profession. two decades, police and neighborhood activists have fought against it. >> there is now i'm mostly concerned about rights of the
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neighborhood to walk their friends in school. >> now they're about to use a new weapon. if they see someone propositioning a prostitute, the police will write a eter tolt registered owner of the car liter says it was reported the vehicle was in an area that is known for prostitution. and so they should be care oofl they're going to have to deal with the letter. >> we need to make the guys coming here to do this know this is not okay. you can't treat women like that here and this is not acceptable. we'll tell you on you. >> and there is a live picture of some of the people who will tell and there is some where
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we did see some. the letter writing campaign begins on the first of october and we'll keep you posted. >> and there is a fire broke out in a unit and clean up continued today. authorities sauce bid a-sh caused by a short circuit in the break room. damage estimates into $400,000 range. >> body of a bay area diplomat has been returned to american soil and this 52-year-old chris stevens killed in an anti-american uprising. today his body with three others killed in that attack
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were flown to the joint base andrews outside washington, d.c. where their coffins were transfered from a cargo plane and placed in hearses. president obama met with their families. >> and he laid down his life for his friends for libyans and americans and for us all. >> he risked his life to help protect the libyan people from a tire yabt. -- tyrant. he gave his life helping them build a better country. >> and there is no funeral arrangements made. >> and there is a sonoma district attorney contacted
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fbi. advocates for the develop meantly disabled say they're pleased but this falls short of the independent investigation that they want. here is abc 7 news. >> this agency reopened this investigation into a possible taser torture incident and this time, the district attorney will be looking over its shoulder, what advocates want is an independent investigation by the da and the sheriff. >> what we really want is a sheriff and district attorney to do an independent investigation aside from from who what ops does. >> there are advocates that say 12 people were assaulted with a taser last fall, possibly this man, archie malora, fired and preed pleaded no contest to an
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unrelated gun charge. neither district attorney nor sheriff's office investigated. tony anderson is the executive director of a group for people with intellectual disabilities saying they're making some progress. >> this district attorney met with us and has responded and communicated back to the attorney general, the state attorney general camela harris and in contact now with the fbi. and we're glad to hear that. >> kathleen miller's son is in the center and says it actually has good state monitoring which highlights needs for better laws. >> if this can happen there, it can happen anywhere. and this is the tip of the iceberg. >> there are five bills on the desk right now, strengthening protections for disabled including one by senator mark leno requiring incidents reported to outside law enforcement.
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>> and seems like everyone wants to get in on the smart phone competition. coming up what hewlett-packard's meg whitman said that had silicon valley buzzing about a possible entry. >> a new shark sighting here in the bay area off the coastline. two of them. and why no local beaches have
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apple won another in a patent dispute with samsung saying they did not violate patents in designing iphone and ipad. and last month, apple won a landmark verdict when a jury decided it was samsung copying
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key features. speaking of which the first batch of iphone 5s is sold out. and now, the best they can promise is delivery in two weeks suggesting demand for iphone 5 may be stronger than apple expected. apple stock closed at another all-time high today on a gain of $8 a share. there is more than $30 a share since tuesday. >> hewlett-packard plans to take on apple as well as samsung but is there room for another competitor? david louie takes a look. >> the smart phone market is crowded giving consumers plenty of choices. hp says it wants to jump back in, acquiring palm two years ago and then, dropped out of the market. ah's ceo was asked on fox business network if she likes
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the maker of the black berry to help accelerate entry into smart phone autos we've got to try to create our own device. >> that suggests hp might use web os operating system putting it in competition with apple's ios and google's android. >> i don't know if there is room for a fourth brand. >> and we're going wait and see there is apple and there is research in motion in, trouble. >> the market could use another leader and going to come in to take control. hp could be that company. the smart phone would have to be cool. many give employees a choice of models or let them use their own. >> if there is a clunky phone for work stuff, and... they've got a cool down they bought, work goes into the drawer and
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cool phone back in the pocket. >> hp has an image of a supplier of computers and printers to business. >> i kind of see this computers and printers so that is odd. i see to try it and there is apple that likes to call this post pc era. with this announcement it's clear smart phones as part of the future product mix. >> there are two great white sharks spotted off the coast today and this is sharks you can see there 12-14 feet long spotted near the chip and there are researchers saying it was so close, you could have touched it. there is another spotted stalking dolphins. >> there is a sea otter
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surviving an oil soaking has given birth. the department of fish and game say olive the oiled otter was spotted swimming on her back with preps on the belly. and she got her name when she was bathed in olive oil to loosen tar from fur. >> she's showing signs she's an attendant mother and so that is a good sign. >> she was cleaned up and released back into the wild. scientists discovered she's pregnant when she came in for a checkup. >> and former rocker and long time radio disc jockey greg kin has been let go. and he just celebrated his 16th anniversary, and he was known for early 80s music
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career. no reason given for the departure in a statement, he described himself as unemployed but says hopes to be back on the air soon for another station. the last show for k fox was today. >> and weekend is here and this is looking really good. >> there ais a a live view from our mount tam camera looking over the bay. there is no coastal fog pushing through at this moment. there is sunny skies around the bay area and over the bay. and there is along the coastline as you'll see there is sunny around the bay and inland. there are patches touching the county coastline that may be up around march wrin county coastline as well that. is about it for coastal fog. temperatures 61 degrees in san
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francisco, 65 across the bay. cool 57 at half moon bay and up north there is 72 degrees, and there is 81 degrees in livermore, 89 antioch. there is fog along the coast and around the bay and warm inland again, tomorrow, then, a cooler pattern sunday and there is water vapor showing high clouds still pushing through the bay area skies. and into this early evening there is a developing trough owe going to add to that cooling trend. it's going to help cool things down beginning on sunday, continuing throughout tuesday. and won't be a sharp cool down, just gradual drop in temperatures. overnight tonight, we'll see fog pushing locally in from the coast across the bay. low temperatures into mid-50s overnight. there is north bay valleys cooler, at 5:00 tomorrow
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morning, we'll see fog burning back to the coast then away from the coast and there is another day and weather afternoon like today, sunny skies from coast to inland high temperatures 60s on the coast. sunny skies highs into low 80s and there is looking for low 60s on the coast and there is 63 in the sunset district. upper 70s to low 80s. near east bay highs 79 in fremont. there is the accu-weather forecast. sunday starkting to cool down a bit. upper 80s inland. mid-70s around the bay. we'll is have a rather steady pattern, temperatures into that range next few days and
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then, next thursday and friday we'll warm up again with highs inland back up around 90 degrees and 80s around the bay there
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california's newest lottery multi millionaire claimed his prize. 55-year-old ronald willis hit the jackpot with a ticket at his usual 7-11 in rialto. he says two tickets with numbers he's chosen plus a quick pick. >> i sat down just thought about it. just thinking about it and like wow. this is really happening. >> he'll take home $92 million if choosing a lump sum. and he says he hasn't decided yet and nor has he said what he plans to do with the money. >> what are you talking about willis? $120 million. >> finding nemo 3 d hitting movie theaters today there is a animateors face real special challenges. first they spent nine months
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converting old files from a program to decide which parts work best. those majestic scenes made the original special proved to be difficult. >> there is when they made the movie there were specks floating in the air. we found they were in our face wech took out specks and rescaled and shaped the specks and pushed them back. >> and it took pixar 18 months to redo "finding nemo". the studio calls it a refilming of the classic. pixar, as you know sond by disney. so we'll see nemo and dori soon in, 3 d. >> right. >> there is more still to come here there is veems continuing to mount at western embassies and the great divide between religious freedoms and religious tolerance. >> and congress putting brakes
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on a government energy give away. details on the no more sol lynn dra spill approved in washington today. >> and is the space shuttle ready for a piggy back ride creating a fly by of the bay
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>> they knew the danger z they accepted it. they didn't simply embrace the american ideal. they listened. >> there are remains of four americans killed in an attack have come home. marine honor guards escorted caskets at joint base in maryland. >> president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton were on hand. pro tests raged across the muslim world and and police opened fire on pro testors trying to break into the u.s. embassy. these show demonstrations
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outside of the german embassy. >> and in tune nichea there was an attack and pro testors set fire to several cars. 5,000 demonstrateos showed up and several hundred have been clashing with police in cairo, one egyptian protestor has been killed. the film sparking those protests mocks islam and portrays the prophet mohammed as a womanizer ask a fraud. mark? >> i spoke with a tune nicheain member of the assembly. and i asked him to explain the feelings on the streets that led to today's violence. there is violence we're seeing on the streets of tunis. one person told me free speech
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only goes so far. >> internationally the rule of the game is laid by everybody together. >> the deputy chair of the finance committee says u.s. should consider limits on free speech. >> and they should weigh interests of america. >> and at a moss thk afternoon, muslim goesing into prayers had a different take. >> what's happening there is wrong. this is wrong because our islam is not like this, our islam is peace. >> unfortunately they're going wrong. there is u.s. supporting religious freedom. >> we don't make fun of them. we have the right to have some respect. >> back at the democracy rising conference this afternoon, an egyptian expert told me the anger in cairo has less to do with the movey and more about other issues.
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>> this is because of the iraq war to blame the u.s. for american support for israel there is this... very pervasive anger towards the u.s. that comes out whenever there is an episode of anger before they know the facts. >> and he says the grass roots nature of the arab spring facilitated by social media has been a factor in the spread of violence. there is a isn't a mandela figure that people can look up to who says this is wrong. how many people will listen to him? >> the take on it is note many that are listening. the egyptian president was slow to condemn violence which led the froze say he jipt is neither an ally nor an enemy. >> and there are any ideas on how long this will go on?
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>> they're tell neeg movie is just a spark. there is anger that this will be something else the next time z unless you deal with that feeling that the west is at war with islam, you're going to keep seeing these flash points. >> thank you. >> and a local koptic christian church is trying to disassociate itself that made the film. now there is fear there may be backlash here in the united states. abc 7 news has that story from concord. >> for 13 years st. mary and st. nina catholic orthodox church has been part of the concord community. the morning service allowed followers to reflect upon the latest violence in egypt. >> this is very sad. egypt is not now the country it used to be. >> jipt's catholic christians
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makeup 85% of the people that. community experienced discrimination from religious extremists and now, there are reports linking the infamous antiislamic movie to a koptic christian living in cerritos. >> if we have one cop did something bad it doesn't mean you label the whole church that they're bad. we're not behind this person or this movie. >> father anthony and his church condemned the film, still, they fear there will be a retaliation resulting in violence and persecution against koptic christians. muslims in the by area fear a backlash. they, too, have been critical of the attacks on the u.s. embassy and violence in egypt, libya and in parts of the middle east. and amina from the islamic network group says kids seem
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to suffer the most. >> daughter of bin laden, daughter of saddam. every time it's translated on the playground or school hall autos today the mayor led a planned event aimed at stopping bullying in bay area school autos promoting knowledge of american muslims was part of that was part that have summit. and a few hours ago the house of representatives passed a bill to avoid more sol lind dras. the company that went bankrupt last year, legislation pulls a plug on a program guaranteeing loans for clean and renewable energy products. they closed doors after getting half a billion dollars in loans from the federal government. lawmakers named this bill no more sol lind dras act. >> and final preparations underway for space shuttle's final voyage over the bay area
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and to a museum in los angeles. and there is thursday will do a flyover in mountain view. and the shuttle will fly over san francisco, and go near the golden gate bridge. >> that is fun. >> it will be a neat sight. >> still head great divide in the great outdoor autos there is a group working to get everybody ou
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>> you took your family camping, more than 90% of campers are white and african americans less likely to go camping than any other race. tonight dan ashley reports on a group hoping to close the racial divide of the great outdoors. >> this is where many childhood memories are made. family camping trip. but look closely at this camp ground. you might realize something missing. african americans. ruth is trying to change that. she's starting outdoor afro three years ago hoping to reunite african americans with nature. >> it's a social media and in person community that inspires and celebrates african american connections to nature. >> today, there is a national following, creating an online community for african americans to share story autos there are thousands and
6:40 pm
thousands of members across various social media platforms we get 80,000 eye balls on our facebook page and about 10,000 people engaging on our web site. and despite numbers the national park service says 1% of park visitors is african american. mam map says that doesn't mean they're not enjoying nature. >> outdoor afro organizes outings and camping trips like this one. the idea to get more african americans out into nature. >> we yes. we do camp. most definitely. >> linda says it's helping diminish the stereo type african americans just don't camp. >> historically black people have been a part of nature at the time brought over from the continent. >> but stair yes type is true and not true. my wife? she loves it. i don't love it, but i'll do it. i'm sure i'm going to have a great time at the end of it.
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>> and many of the campers blame urban saigs and segregation for disconnecting their community from the out doors but today, they're trying to rebridge that gap and introducing a if you generation. >> it's good to bond with people in that look like me. you know? and to experience new things thchl is great. it's beautiful out here. >> i like being outdoors, going to hang out with friends and making new friends. just having fun. >> to be able to have an organization like this allows people to do it. >> outdoor afro isn't just for families or african americans but creating a relationship with nature. >> i think a lot of people of
6:42 pm
color are almost just not used to it. they never really do a lot of outdoor activities but i think it's great to connect with other people to get out there and connect back to mother nature. i think it's important for everyone. >> dan ashley, abc 7 news. >> it's a great time. >> and 7 on your side coming up next. >> and how the fbi can obtain business records secretly in the name of national securit
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here is something you don't think about when you talk on cell phone, or post messages on facebook. >> fbi can order a company to hand overour private records. >> michael finney has this startling report. people have no idea. >> no this, is going to surprise many people. few consumers know it. the fbi has power to demand your private phone ask internet records without telling anybody about it. now in a rare challenge one company is standing up for a customer being targeted by the fbi. majority zimmerman is an attorney now representing a phone company ordered by the fbi to turn over somebody's records. >> fbi could be obtaining information about average citizens who have no connection to national
6:46 pm
security investigation he can't tell us the name of the company that. is a secret. he can't tell us whose records the fbi wants, because that is a secret, too.. >> can the fbi without a court supervision decide that it wants to target this american or that american? >> that is a question and in a court case going on here in u.s. district court in san francisco. and in a rare and potentially far-reaching case, the unnamed phone company is challenging fbi's authorities to secretly collect consumer data. >> as far as we know this is only the second time it centers on so called national security letters and laws including patriot act allow the fbi to use ns tlo. demand companies turn over records. and and then, not tell anyone about it. >> it's keeping all
6:47 pm
information and justification for the investigation secret. >> and fbi doesn't need a subpoena, only to certify information is relevant to a national security investigation. and in court said counter terrorism investigations must be carried out in secret if they're to succeed. the court hearings themselves are secret. here is all we're allowed to see of documents. there is mostly blacked out. >> there is fbi began yugsing these long ago. after september 11th, they fired off 300,000 in the past five years, obtaining names addresses and e mails and billing records. no one know who's got them and or why. >> this information raises
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concerns. >> that is this professor from stanford law school center for internet society saying no one showed proof they've weeded out terrorists. fik fbi with k.potentially target innocent american autos hurns of thousands have been swept into the net f it's not you, it could be someone you know. >> there is a suit saying the phone company is endangering national security. and to further an investigation. moreover, disclosure of the fact or contents of the nsl may result in a danger to national security of the united states. >> there are people feeling there is an act taigs of privacy the government will not track them. >> we're hoping the court
6:49 pm
agrees with us. >> the case rests with a u.s. districts skbruj a ruling is expected any day now. and whether the records caught any terrorists. >> okay. >> pretty stunning. >> thank you. >> and there is a look at national weather conditions tomorrow, you can see temperatures beginning to drop off to more late summer, prefall levels. warmer in the southeast and there is showers and rainfall in southern plains and mississippi valley and hot, 97 in phoenix and there are highs here in the bay area looking at full state, first going to be hot in locations across the state of california and there
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is 105 in palm springs and 1 h1n1 u.00 again in los angeles there is now here in the bay area, sunny, summer spread in effect 60 degrees the high in pacifica. there is 71 in oakland. 93 in brentwood there is the accu-weather forecast. there is a cooling trend and temperatures bouncing back up to 90 degree m
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join me tonight at 9:00, coming ups there are used cars and computers for sale. how about secondhand pace makers? >> and there is north bay teen found dead thousands of mile as home. and there is all coming up at 9:00 and 11:00 and now... time for sports. >> and let's sart with baseball. a's and orioles opening a big three game series tonight loaded with playoff
6:54 pm
impolitics. and right now, baltimore tied for the lead in american league east. and oakland owns a top wild card spot. since june 11th no team had a better record and there is minus 20 in runs and 19 games over 500 in wins. >> we're excited about what we're going to accomplish this year. >> and there is these guy as long with these guys next week and we're going to keep it casual in possible. >> giants playing in arizona. it's funny. 300 pound behemoth running into each other at full speed we're wondering what kind of
6:55 pm
handshake they will exchange there is and almost started a sport. they had seen each other and there shouldn't be a big deal. >> and there is a bunch of nfl things going on after the season. so two teams take the field it's not going to be on player minds. >> and there is without incident. >> without incident. >> it's a huge step up in class this week. they're unimpressive 1-1 and there is their first meeting
6:56 pm
since 1972. and there is big crowd and he's ready to go. >> fired up for it. and there is a plan that, you know that huge crowd and tradition that is there. it's a great opportunity, great experience for kids. >> and you can watch tomorrow morning and our 5:00 game notre dame and michigan state followed by after the game around 8:30 p.m. and nfl on the verge of its third lock out in 17 years with the collective bargaining agreement and there is main issue is money. players get 57% of revenues. and there is a lock down on
6:57 pm
the entire season, nobody wants to put fans through that again. but... >> there is first i call myself a fan of sports. and so i love watching the game of hockey so we want to play as well. >> this is unfortunate. they've had time to work this out. and they have had the whole season, now, hopefully they get. >> that they get it together. >> yes. >> and that does it for he this edition of abc 7 news. >> and from all of us here, have a good night. closed captioning services, inc.
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from washington, d.c., this is power players week on "jeopardy!" please welcome our celebrity guests-- he has won three pulitzer prizes and authored six best sellers, including "the world is flat." please welcome "new york times" foreign affairs columnist... an emmy-winning political reporter, she has covered capitol hill and the white house for nbc news, appearing on "today," "nightly news," and "meet the press." here's... he anchors his own prime-time news show,

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